Pre-Made Or Custom Made Electric Gates? What You Need To Know

Every home is unique in many ways and when you are looking to replace old entrance gates, you have several choices; you could purchase an existing gate and have it installed, or you could approach a custom gate company that can design the gates from the ground up.

Below is some information to help you make the right decision.

Why Choose Custom Made?

While it might be possible to locate existing gates, it isn’t wise to go down that road; whatever the style or design, the gates will not be a perfect fit and the driveway will have to be altered in order to accommodate the gates. Ideally, the gates would be a main feature of the property and you want them to look like they belong, therefore the best way forward is to contact the custom gate company for a tailored automatic driveway gates design, which will complement your home. 

Gate Opening Design

There are two major styles for electric gates:

  1. Side Opening Style – which might require ground tracking.
  2. Single Sliding Style – opening to the right or left.

Aspects to take into account when choosing opening styles include the span of the driveway, the weight of the gates, and the terrain. When you make contact with an established gate company, they would send someone to your home to discuss pricing and, of course, design.


Most people have sensors fitted to the family vehicles, which enables easy automatic operation, with the gates automatically closing behind the car. You might like a pedestrian side gate with keypad access, while an intercom can be fitted, allowing you to talk to a visitor before opening the gates. Remote control use is the norm and with every family member having one, access is easy and convenient. If the driveway is long, you can have the intercom sent to the kitchen or hall in your home and with Internet access, you could view your entrance from any location. Talk to the supplier for a full list of accessories, which will help you make the right choices.

The Importance Of Professional Installation

This is certainly not the time to choose DIY, unless you happen to be an experienced electric gate installer, of course. The gates are fabricated in the supplier’s factory and transported to the site to be installed and if you want a full, unconditional warranty, you should let the gate supplier carry out the installation.


In conclusion, you are advised to choose custom made gates that are designed specifically for your driveway, if you want a professional job. While it won’t be cheap, made to measure electric gates will transform the front elevation of your home, adding security and character.

If you would like to learn more about custom gates, search online for a leading custom gate company and see what they can do for you.

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