Beachfront Real Estate: 5 Reasons It Makes For A Good Investment

If you’re looking to invest in bricks and mortar, there’s a lot to consider. Location, price and style all need to be reckoned into the equation. Of course, you hope that your investment will appreciate (when does the price of land ever go down?) and in this short article, a few good reasons to look at beachfront properties are put forward.

Who Doesn’t Want To Live On The Coast?

Seriously, we’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like the fresh breeze that is always present. The sound of the water sliding over the sand as it leaves is almost like someone whispering “sssshooooooossshhh” and you’ve got the beach across the street. We all feel much healthier after a 3-week beach holiday and living in such an environment has to be healthier than living in a concrete city.

Assured Equity

The fact that everyone likes the beach virtually guarantees that your property value will always be ahead of city prices. Do a little online research and look at the price of beachfront property for sale Estepona is offering, then find out the price 10 years ago. The value is always at the crest of the land price wave and that isn’t going to change.

Set For Retirement

If you and your partner find a beachfront villa in southern Spain, a place you know well, then you have the perfect retirement destination. You get to spend the winters in your beachfront villa and rent it out for the rest of the year, which brings in a healthy income. Start with an online search and view properties on a leading real estate agent’s website, then book a short holiday and view your shortlist. The agent will take you on a series of tours over a couple of days and then you can crunch the numbers and make an offer.

Guaranteed Income

A second property on the beach is going to generate top rentals. While you and your family can escape the cold winter and enjoy pleasant weather, you can also rent the villa out for the high season. Land is a finite commodity, there’s only so much coastline and securing a beachfront home has to be a 5-star investment.

Improve Your Health

There’s no such thing as smog on the coast; fresh winds see to that. Who doesn’t feel great when living in such an environment? We all need our daily dose of Vitamin D and you’ll have a healthy tan all year round! If you work online, there’s no reason to live in one area; many digital nomads sold their home and moved to Spain or Portugal, which sounds like a good plan to us!

As you can see, there’s a pretty compelling case for investing in coastal real estate. Crunch the numbers and see what’s doable, then start looking at beachfront homes in the sun. Book an international removal contractor and this time next year, you and your family will be enjoying life on the beach!

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