Common Features Of Hotel Bathrooms

Most hotel bathrooms are best described as having a minimalist approach; they’re mostly clean and spacious in order to meet the general requirements of the guests. Some of the common features include having a separate shower area, having separate toilet areas and having separate linen or bath towels.


The furniture – in this case, the bathroom furniture – in a hotel is usually purchased as per the theme of the hotel. The fixtures and fittings are often found in matching colours. Some hotels have very simple themes where everything is white or cream, while some hotels feature dark and complex themes that include black and white pieces of furniture. This makes it very easy for the guest to remember their hotel stay experience.

Natural Lighting

Another common feature in most of the bathrooms of such hotels is the way they are designed to have as much natural light as possible. This helps in lessening the gloomy effect of the black or dark colours that might be used in the bathroom walls. In fact, bathrooms in such hotels are found to have a lot of natural light coming in from the various windows present in the building.

When bathrooms are designed with natural light in mind, they usually use warm colours like light blue, yellow or white. However, when the design is based on functionality rather than on personal preference, there are a wide variety of colours and hues that one can choose from including pastel shades of pink, green and pale orange.

Fully-Equipped Storage Facilities

As with most hotels, bathrooms are usually designed in such a way that they have storage space or are fully equipped with storage facilities, as you can see in a bathroom designer in Sunbury as well as in any other city in other parts of the world. While bathrooms in hotels that feature a combination of guest bathrooms and house bathrooms have more storage space compared to those that are designed separately, this is not the case with hotels that offer services other than bathroom services. More often than not, such hotels include a master bathroom or ‘suites’ with additional facilities such as saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzi tubs. Such luxury hotels also offer separate showers for men and women. In addition, such hotels feature large walk-in sinks so that they do not require the installation of large conveyor systems to move the washed products to the showers.

Hand Held Taps & Less Ornate Fixtures

The common features of such hotel amenities include taps that are handheld rather than electrical ones. Bathroom fixtures are also commonly less ornate than those found in home bathrooms. The common features include small soap dishes, toothbrush holders, toilet paper holders, towel racks and toilet tissue boxes. Some hotels include dispensers of hot and cold drinks as well as coffee and tea in the bathroom amenities. Some also provide separate shower enclosures and dressing areas. Some hotel amenities offer a wide range of bath rugs, warmers and scented candles to give the bathroom a spa-like feel.

For those travelling on a tight budget, it may be difficult to find such a hotel with such common yet quite luxurious features. Fortunately, there are still a number of inexpensive hotels that provide great amenities. They tend to be located near airport hotels and other places of business offering discounted room rates. If you intend to stay for only a short time, it may be more practical to find a good hotel on a budget than those that feature luxury accommodations.

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