Shipping & Delivery


We offer full delivery service for any item you purchase. Delivery fees vary by location, type and size of furniture. Individual delivery scenarios also affect delivery price. This includes elevators, flights of stairs, etc.

Delivery is available everyday except Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10AM to 4PM. We offer a two hour interval in which you can expect your pieces to arrive. We are happy to accommodate circumstances outside of this time frame. This includes early morning, after 4:00 pm. Please contact us to make arrangements.

If your building does not accommodate larger items, we offer a breakdown service. This requires a separate company specializing in breakdown and reassembly. All price quotes will be based on individual circumstances.  This requires the fee to be paid directly at the time of delivery. There may be a delay due to availability using this service.


Smaller items can be shipped via UPS anywhere in the country.  Next day, two day, and ground shipments are available. Pricing will vary by type of service,  quantity, size and weight and will include processing and packing.

Large furniture items can be shipped by various carriers anywhere in the country.  We will always use the best service for your budget requirements. Services include outside curb delivery, over the threshold delivery, and inside white glove delivery. Prices will vary by carrier, type of delivery service, quantity, size and weight of pieces, and will include processing and packing.

Transit times vary based on location and carrier.  Any overnight or express deliveries will be charged accordingly.

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